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Instagram Visual Monitoring & Analytics Tool

  • Image Recognition

    Reveal a wealth of information with powerful image recognition technology to analyze images even those with no hashtags. MetaEyes can detect:

    • Faces & Demographics
    • Explicit/Racy Content
    • Sentiment
    • Scenes & Objects
    • Logos
    • Locations
    • Celebrities
    • Other info
  • Analytics

    Powerful reporting tools to analyze and filter data in myriads of ways.

    • Summary and granular reports
    • Filter detailed reports by all MetaEyes attributes
    • View by date range and different sorting methods
    • Export as PDF or CSV files for further analysis
  • Engagement

    Photos provide a far more refined insight allowing for novel ways of engagment.

    • Discover potential fans by attributes previously undetectable
    • Surface and engage with previously ghost influencers
    • Find user-generated brand photos and directly contact to use in marketing campaigns
    • Monitor for brand related crisis situations and engage directly to avoid negative virality

How it works


Choose a Hashtag to monitor.

You can use any hashtag to monitor and categorize instagram content. It can range from generic hashtags (e.g. #breakfast) or event specific (e.g. #christmas) and of course brand specific (e.g. #starbucks)


MetaEyes ingests and automatically recognizes Instagram content

Using state of the art machine learning, MetaEyes recognizes the ingested photos, tags them and cateogorizes them - all of this with no human intervention.


Detailed analytics for inspection

Easy to use reporting providing summary and detailed analytics. Easy filtering and sorting with powerfull export fuctionality.

80% of posts lack associated text or hashtags

Relying on hashtags or descriptive text to identify content only touches on a small subset of your users.

Categorize and filter Instagram content on imposible before attributes.

Faces Demographics

Detect one or more human faces in an image and get face attributes which contain machine learning-based predictions of facial features. The face attribute features available are: Age, Gender, Smile, Facial Hair and Glasses detection.

Explicit Content

Automatically detect and tag explicit content like adult content or violent content within an image.


Detect sentiment and filter images with people who are smiling.

Scenes Objects

Detect broad sets of scenes and objects within an image, ranging from forests to cars. This allows for context within the environment of the image.


Understand of how your brand and products are shared online. Detect popular product logos within an image.


Detect locations within an image even if the image has no GPS coordinates or any location descriptive text.


Detect multitudes of celebrities within your images from business, politics, sports and entertainment around the World.


Detect attributes of an image, such as color schemes. MetaEyes can even detectes Memes!

Simple Pricing Options

From small teams to large organisations.

Subscription Plans


$99 /month

  • Process up to 2,000 Photos/month


$199 /month

  • Process up to 5,000 Photos/month


$379 /month

  • Process up to 10,000 Photos/month


$990 /year

  • Process up to 2,000 Photos/month


$1,990 /year

  • Process up to 5,000 Photos/month


$3,790 /year

  • Process up to 10,000 Photos/month

  • Photos and images can reveal a wealth of data points–demographics, purchases, personalities, and behaviors
    (just to name a few).

  • We saw that the most successful brands in this space are those that tap into the cultural and visual worlds that the people they served are most interested in.

  • Those that fail to adapt risk becoming irrelevant when stacked up against teams empowered by AI.

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